Simple bread making


500 grams of wholemeal flower with seeds in mixing bowl with teaspoon of salt.

Jug: 50 ml boiling water and teaspoon of sugar to disolve.  Then add 100 ml cold water, mix then add tablespoon of dried active yeast,  whisk and leave to froth for 10 mins. Whisk again and add 200 ml water and a glug of olive oil.

Pour onto flour and mix up using red paddle. Sprinkle bit of flour over it to manage stickiness. Give it a bit of a squeeze, prod and fumble. Put it somewhere warm to swell up.

Come back when it is big and have another prod and fumble. You can even scrape out and roll about on the kitchen table with a bit of flour  … The Postman Rings Twice!

Fold it up and leave a bit longer.

Grease bread tin and turn on oven to 220.

Stick dough in bread tin and then I put it in the grill area which is NOT turned on but gets quite snug with the oven underneath.

Should swell up until it looks like a loaf.

Stick in oven: 15 mins at 220 and 25 mins at 180.

Take it out. Check it’s cooked by tapping it on its bottom.  Leave to cool on wire rack.

Thanks to Carlito and Nando for teaching me how.

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