To squirrels as far as I’m concerned

I’ve never met nor seen a red squirrel but am led to believe that they are much nicer than grey ones; warmer colour and sweet temperament. Not like those bushy North American immigrants. About 30 years ago I decided to go out for a jog in Battersea Park before going to work … more of an amble really. Chanced upon some squirrels … kept very still so as not to frighten them. But they saw me and made a beeline for me. Whooagh! I ran off.

By gad they’re athletes and not cowed by dog or cat. Must admit that I did hit one in the car on a weekend some 10 years ago. Felt terrible; kids in the car too. They’re not the most attractive animals and often mentioned in the same breath as rats and pigeons. But I’ve grown quite fond of the two young uns that chase each other round the garden. Good luck to them I say and you know I think I saw a fleck of reddy brown. So squirrels, as far as I’m concerned, its live and let live. But don’t let’s get too familiar!

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