Wabi sabi and moss in the driveway

Most years a bloke will come to the door sporting a mullet and an earring with an offer to sort out my drive while they are in the area. Keeping the drive tidy is a chore I do every month or so and I sometimes consider putting down weedkiller but never do; doesn’t seem right and honestly I think I would rather the weeds and moss than the paving. In any case these once and for all fixes never really work and deprive you of some honest labour.

There’s a Zen story about preparing the temple grounds; sweeping the leaves, raking the gravel for an important visitor. The young monk has just completed the job when an old monk looks over the wall and tells him there is something missing. ‘Help me over’ he says. Once in the courtyard he gives the trees a good shake. New leaves fall on the freshly swept cuourtyard. ‘That’s better’!

Wabi sabi is a Japanese term. I don’t remember exactly what it means but believe it describes a simple rather threadbare beauty with a hint of sadness. Maybe a minor chord? Maybe the moss and weeds have a tough of wabi sabi and then again they do seems rather too vibrant and vigorous.

And of course they cultivate moss in Japanese gardens so why not in English driveways.


Clear blue sky
And bright El Paso sunshine
This Tooting morning

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