Kean and the Speed of Loneliness

Is it the man we mourn or some part of ourselves that just slows down and says no more; I am weary of this and want to rest?

I wondered that one man could engender such an outpouring of grief and respect. There was no indication that he was someone who would do such a thing nor any explanation as to why. It made me wonder whether there was some secret behind his death and whether those who were so quick to praise would be equally quick to denounce.

There was a picture of him in the papers; shiny grey suit, beautiful blond wife. So many people who obviously loved and maybe depended on his strength and optimistic energy. And his professional life was good; riding high as the manager of the Welsh national team. As a contrast look at Steve Kean, the abused and vilified manager of Blackburn. They say fox hunting and bullfights are cruel but they have a certain elemental purity to them. Not so sure about Coliseum sports. Sticks and stones may break my bones but it is only words that will truly hurt me!

One man in a shiny grey suit praised to the rafters; and one man with a haunted look, set upon by the pack. Did they both see something in the crowd.

But all this musing is just that and undoubtedly says more about me than it does about Kean and Speed. And maybe the treatment they have received says more about us than it does about them.

I offer my condolences to the Speed family and my sympathy to the brave Steve Kean.

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