Mind Mapping Will Make You Better

If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to organising yourself, organising work, and particularly when it comes to organising information, then mind-mapping may be for you. And specifically, an open-source programme called FreeMind.

This blog is about FreeMind and how it can destress you and make you more effective in your work.

The biggest challenge facing most of us today, is coping with information and our tendency to multitask. It reaches a point where the brain ‘hangs’  like a computer with too many programmes running’. The result can be:

  • Stress that leads to more stress and an inability to cope;
  • Written work that is confused and jumbled;
  • Plans and proposals that lack a logical progression;
  • And a linear way of thinking that stifles creativity.

So we need to free up the mind with FreeMind. This is a free open source software for creating mind and concept maps. It lets you generate, visualise, structure and classify ideas. And its also a great aid to studying (note taking) and organising information.

I like FreeMind because it lets you clear the mind and that gives you back control. You manage information more efficiently to produce coherent and compelling written materials. You can build and re-engineer your projects and proposals until they are perfectly structured. It enables a more fluid way of thinking and capturing thought because it uses pathways just like the brain. Finally it lets you create the BIG PICTURE and share it with colleagues.

Or does it?

With FreeMind you can print your maps and export them as jpegs and PDFs, but you can’t export them into Microsoft Office.  If you want to export to presentation or word-processing you will need OpenOffice.org 3 . This is as another open-source solution which is free download and use. it works just like Microsoft Office.

  • Leading office software suite
  • Works on all common computers
  • International open standard format
  • Read and write files from other common office software packages.

Download, and use completely free of charge for any purpose, here.


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