The Long Player (our father on vinyl)

The Long Player

Our albums which are packed in boxes
Hallowed be thy names
Thy record player comes
Playing will be done
On turntable, its heaven!
Give us this day our daily analogue
And forgive us our digitals
As we forgive those who play techno
And lead us not into downloads
But deliver us from file-sharing
For vinyl is much warmer
Full of power and glory
If a little bit crackly
For ever and ever




This came to me at the weekend when I was looking for a suitable present to buy a couple of 50 years olds. Having just started playing my vinyl again on a rather tasty Dual turntable that I bought for £5.00 at a car boot sale, I thought I would see if I could find an L.P. that was also 50 years old. Lo and behold in the first charity shop I entered I wound a wonderfully garish edition of South Pacific (released 1958).

When I got home I googled it and found that it was perhaps one of the most successful recordings ever, having stayed in the top 5 of the UK charts for around 214 weeks which by my calculation would have meant that it was regularly heard in the four years leading up to their conception. Then I just needed something to explain why I had bought them an old record, and my mind turned to the fact that 50-year olds, myself included, are of the vinyl generation.


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