We are all pictures at a #saatchi exhibition.

An exhibition of ‘new’ German art at Saatchi Gallery in the Kings Road featured a large mirror which goes from perfectly straight to hippy hippy shake. That’s art imitating the fairground. I read that good art has a ‘narrative’ that evolves and deepens over time. Not convinced this will. I seem to remember it also asks us to look again and see more deeply. Maybe this does for a moment.

One aspect of art is to take something from one context and reveal its significance in another – bricks maybe.

I liked the shaking mirror. Only one person can really do this and just once. So well done that man or woman who thought of sticking the distorted mirror in a gallery. It’s not got a lot of depth – apart from the bend of the wobble – but it does also remind us that art originates in play time which keeps Jack from becoming a dull boy.

So do visit the Saatchi Gallery whenever you can. Its full of fun and creative inspiration, in a beautiful building in a lovely location, and its free. Thank you Mr Saatchi.

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