Part 1. Tender Tips for a Smooth Bid

Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go!

Anyone who has put a tender together will tell you the opposite is true … except for ‘never let me go’. Marshaling a good team, gathering the right information, and packaging it into a compelling proposition in a timely manner is very challenging. But it need not be a complete nightmare. These tips will get you closer to the place where ‘happiness will follow you, everywhere you go’.

In Part 2. Tender Loving Process there is an overview of the theory and process based on Successful Tendering Guide: The Tender Process produced by Invest Northern Ireland.

In Part 3. Tender Tips in Practice the focus is on the lessons learnt while working on a major tender with William Murray, the UK’s leading food, drink and hospitality PR agency. It includes links to other useful resources.

Many tender documents suffer from obesity as a result of easy access to cut, paste and scan. So in addition to your work meeting the technical requirements of the tender, consider the creation of a trim executive summary that captures all of the salient points and delivers them in a seductive manner.

These tips should help you put together a smooth bid but there is no guarantee that ‘all your dreams are fulfilled. And if there are moments when the path of true love is rocky, take a few minutes to be inspired by Elvis. He managed to say all that mattered in well under 3 minutes.

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