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Contemplating the promise of daffodils

First come the snowdrops and crocuses and then the yellow flowers. Daffodils and Forsythia brave the end of winter while the Magnolia buds swell with anticipation. These are a few haiku attempts around this theme:

Huddled together
the bitter winter wind
Clumping daffodils

End of winter
A pale green and yellow
Beneath bare trees

After snowdrops
So comes the daffodils
The changing lights

Winter’s journey
Snowdrops nod lazily
In a chill breeze

Biding time
The magnolia buds arrested
In a bitter snap

A gliding swan
Watching the magnolia buds
Beneath the surface

Waiting on the cusp
Of winter and spring
The point of a daffodil

Winter’s spring
Rising in no man’s land
The young daffodil 

A winter’s bed
The daffodil emerges from the mud
Wrapt in pale green

Cold grey sky
Out of a long brown winter
The yellow