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There’s a place


There’s a young oak by the path in the park
And every year it has green leaves
When all the other trees stand bare.

Bela Bartok stood on an island by South Ken tube
In Trilby hat and flowing overcoat
His feet were wreathed in flowers.

There’s a meditation room up steep stone spiral steps
And I have sat an hour or two just breathing quiet
The TICK TOCK of the old clock.

There’s a café in the park where walkers stop to talk
Egg and chips, a cup of tea and watch the world go passing by
The greeting dogs begin to bark

There’s a place in every heart
To take a break, to stand quite still
Sometimes in sunlight and then in dark

The Couple


They stand side by side in the park
One dressed in fresh spring greens
The other still bare after the winter

To avoid entanglements
They are trimmed on the near side
And grow freely on the far

Close enough to touch
And hear each other murmur
On a breezin summer night

But far enough apart
To miss the violent slappin
When the wind gets up

Two trees together
Or just far enough apart