Suma the Ginger Terror


This is the young male cat Suma who lives three doors down at Peter Lewandowski’s house. He’s beautiful, charming and a killer. I’d heard about cats and song birds but never really experienced their destructivness until son Leo called a few weeks back to say that Suma had found the wood pigeon’s nest and decapitated one of the nestlings and mauled another. Leo had rescued the third but what to do. The nest which had seemed so remote, hidden and safe had been breached by this keen young predator so there was no going back to Mum. In the end Leo took it to the vet.

But cats don’t have it all there own way. My boss Louise has two grey hounds that were adopted from an animal rescue place. She told me how they went to stay with friends on a farm and one of the dogs ran down the resident pussy cat and killed it. Wow that’s a hell of a way to announce your arrival. Apparently greyhounds are absolute terrors when it comes to killing cats. Seems like its a dog eat cat, cat eat bird. Bird eat worm world out there. But then I guess we all knew that anyway. But I was surprised about the greyhound killing the cat. I always thought it was a case of dog chase cat, cat hiss and scratch its face, dog yowl and wonder what the hell happened. Not so. And the moral is …


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