Life is softening us up

Note to my friend Nick who had just sent me this text on his way from having a dodgy tooth sorted out by the dentist.

‘Just on way home , dentist described tooth as lively as he worked on it . I was expecting him any moment to say, ‘Is safe? Is safe?’

My reply: Just finished two hour meditation and sitting in Pret a Manger on Piccadilly. Had a chat to Brian who has been happily living out of a backpack in London for eight years .. clean, educated and loves his life.

Thought I had while meditating is that we grow up hard and resistant, ripen then soften like an apple; grubs drill down inside, we drop from the tree and slowly merge with the world around us. As people get older they become softer, more understanding, maybe more loving. At the same time our bodies open up to the world and are slowly dismantled until they stop working altogether and we return to the elements. I hope the dentist has done a good job of easing the discomfort that comes with the world’s deep embrace. 😉

His response:

‘Very well said and to the point. Not sure we all get softer and understanding though.’

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2 thoughts on “Life is softening us up”

  1. Hi Jonathon,
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your “100 Great Things”. It has made me consider what mine would be.
    Best wishes, Stuart.

    lengthening shadows…
    the flicker of a rabbit’s rail
    down the railway cutting

    1. Dear Stuart,

      Not very good at maintaining my blog and responding to comments. I was very happy that you found something interesting on the site. I wonder if you came up with your own list of 100 things? And the haiku is exquisite … yours? And if so … three lines! Hope to see you sometime soon.

      Lotsa love Jonathan

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